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Faculty & Staff Association

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Oklahoma State University
Hispanic/Latino Faculty and Staff Association
Constitution and By-Laws



The name of the organization shall be the Oklahoma State University Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association. The acronym for the organization shall be OSU HLFSA or HLFSA.




The objectives of the Association shall be to:

  • promote the development of Hispanic students through educational and mentoring programs; personal, academic, and professional experiences; scholarships; the Hispanic Faculty and Staff Scholarship; cultural celebrations; receptions for distinguished visitors; and charitable humanitarian endeavors;
  • serve as a support system for Hispanic students, faculty, and staff members at Oklahoma State University;
  • advocate equity and diversity to improve the legal, political, economic, and professional status of Hispanics in the Stillwater community and throughout the state of Oklahoma;
  • promote good fellowship as an opportunity for service;
  • serve as liaison with local, regional, and national Hispanic organizations to heighten the interest of each member in the welfare of the Stillwater community and to collaborate with others in its civic, social, commercial and industrial development.




SECTION 1. NONPARTISAN AND NONSECTARIAN. The Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association shall be nonpartisan and nonsectarian.

SECTION 2. EXPRESSION UPON PRINCIPLES AND PUBLIC QUESTIONS. This association may express itself upon principles and public questions having a bearing on the objectives of the Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association.




SECTION 1. The membership of this Association shall be limited to the following classes: active, graduate student active, inactive, associate, and honorary.

SECTION 2. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP. To be eligible for active membership, an individual shall be a current employee of Oklahoma State University, unless otherwise provided by these By-Laws. Active members shall have paid their membership fees and be in good standing. Only active members may vote. The phrase "in good standing" is hereby defined as applying to HLFSA members who have paid their dues and who regularly attend HLFSA meetings.

SECTION 3. INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP. Any member whose dues are delinquent for a period of sixty (60) days shall be considered an inactive member. In addition, any member who has not been present for four consecutive meetings shall be considered an inactive member.

SECTION 4. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. An Associate Member is a student, a representative from a student organization, or the spouse of a member who supports the objectives of the Association. Associate members are not required to pay dues. Associate members may not vote.

SECTION 5. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. An Honorary Member is an individual approved for membership in recognition of a special contribution or service to the Hispanic community. Honorary membership may also include retired OSU employees. Honorary members are not required to pay dues. Honorary members may not vote.

SECTION 6. ELECTION OF HONORARY MEMBERS. Proposals for Honorary Membership and acceptance of such candidates shall be presented and approved by active HLFSA members in good standing. Upon approval, the President shall extend a written invitation to welcome the new Honorary Member.


A. Upon payment of dues, membership shall endure throughout the operating year, except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws. The operating year of this Association shall be from August 1 through July 31.

B. Any member who fails to pay his/her duties within 30 days after the date on which they are due shall be notified by the treasurer.

SECTION 8. ATTENDANCE. A member of the Association absent for more than four (4) consecutive meetings of the Association, without excuse, may be deemed inactive by the active members of the Association.




SECTION 1. REGULAR MEETINGS. Unless otherwise ordered by the Association, regular meetings shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The location of each meeting shall be announced.

SECTION 2. ELECTIONS. Nomination of officers will take place in March of each year, with elections taking place in April of each year. Election of officers shall take place at the March meeting and shall be by written ballot unless there is but one nominee for each office, in which event a voice vote may be taken. A simple majority shall elect. Balloting shall be in person.

SECTION 3. SPECIAL MEETNGS. Special meetings may be called by the President upon the written request of five (5) members of the Association. At least seven (7) days advance notice of a special meeting shall be given. The business to be transacted at a special meeting shall be limited to that mentioned in the call.

SECTION 4. QUORUM. One fourth (1/4) of the active membership shall constitute a quorum or special meeting of the Association.




SECTION 1. ELIGIBILITY TO HOLD OFFICE. Only active members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office in the Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association.

SECTION 2. OFFICERS. The Officers of the Hispanic Faculty and Staff shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer.

SECTION 3. QUALIFICATIONS. To be eligible for the office of President, a member must have been an active member in good standing for at least one year.

SECTION 4. TERMS OF OFFICE. The officers shall take office on May 1. All officers of the Association shall be elected at the March meeting and shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected. No officer shall be eligible to more than two (2) consecutive terms of the same office. A member who has served for more than half a term in any office shall be considered to have served a full term.

SECTION 5. RESIGNATIONS. A written resignation from office shall be sent to the secretary who shall refer it to the Association for action.

SECTION 6. VACANCIES. In the case of vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall become President. Vacancies in other offices shall be filled by the President until the next election.

SECTION 7. DUTIES OF OFFICERS. The officers of the Association shall perform the duties prescribed by the Association and by these By-laws.

  • PRESIDENT. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association. The President or the Vice-President shall countersign all payment orders and checks in excess of $100.00 drawn by the Treasurer. The President shall appoint Standing Committee Chairpersons.
  • VICE-PRESIDENT. The Vice-President, in the absence or inability of the President, shall perform the duties of the President. The Vice-President shall also be considered the President-Elect of the Association. The Vice-President or the President shall countersign all payment orders and checks in excess of $100.00. The Vice-President may serve as the chairperson of a committee.
  • SECRETARY. The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the meetings of the Association. The Secretary shall send out notices of meetings, keep a record of membership attendance, and handle correspondence not specifically assigned to other officers or committees.
  • TREASURER. The Treasurer shall receive all funds of the Association and shall deposit them in such bank or banks as may be designated by the Association. The Treasurer shall disburse these funds by check or other commonly used means of payment, as directed, in accordance with the approved budget. The Treasurer shall sign all payment orders and checks and shall obtain the President's countersignature for any orders or checks in excess of $100.00 drawn from the Association account. The Treasurer shall provide documents for an annual audit report at the March meeting, and, if necessary, prepare and submit tax documents required for non-profit organizations.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER. The Public Relations Officers shall use all means of communication and forms of media to advance the objectives and activities of the Association.

SECTION 8. DUTES AND POWERS OF OFFICERS. The officers shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association between meetings of the Association, provided that none of their acts shall conflict with action taken by the Association. Officers may act upon routine questions in carrying out established policies, but may not determine policy.

SECTION 9. ATTENDANCE. An officer of the Association absent for more than four (4) consecutive meetings of the Association, without excuse, may be deemed inactive by the active members of the Association.




SECTION 1. AUTHORIZED COMMITTEES. There shall be committees, standing or special, as the Association may authorize. These committees shall be made active, inactive, or created depending on the needs of the Association or the community.

SECTION 2. APPOINTMENT. The President shall appoint committees. Appointment of standing committees shall be subject to the approval of the Association.

SECTION 3. ADVOCACY COMMITTEE. It shall identify and promote issues of interest and concern in the Hispanic community and report to the membership at all meetings.

SECTION 4. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE. It shall be responsible for the scholarship program of this Association and all related activities.

SECTION 5. FUND-RAISING COMMITTEE. It shall have the responsibility of raising necessary funds for the Association.

SECTION 6. SPECIAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE. It shall have the responsibility of carrying out special projects on an as-needed basis.

SECTION 7. ATTENDANCE AT COMMITTEE MEETINGS. A member of a committee who is absent from more than two (2) consecutive committee meetings, without excuse deemed adequate in the opinion of the chair of the committee, may be reported to the President. Upon investigation, the President shall have the authority to declare his/her place on the committee vacant.





  • A. The annual dues of active membership shall be $25.00. The dues of a new member shall be prorated commencing on the month following initiation to the end of the operating year.
  • B. Dues for two active members from the same household, both having voting rights, shall be $40.00.
  • C. Dues shall be payable on or before August 1.
  • D. Any members in arrears for dues for 60 days shall forfeit his/her membership in accordance with Article IV, Section 3 of these By-laws.
  • E. An associate or honorary member of the Association shall pay no dues.
  • F. Memberships dues are not refundable.


A. Membership dues shall be used for scholarships and operating costs of the Association. Any other funds raised above and beyond membership dues may be used to supplement the category as prioritized by the executive officers in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Association. Members may specify the manner in which their membership dues are to be allocated or designated.




SECTION 1. CORPORATE PROPERTY. All property, real, personal or mixed, legal or equitable, acquired by the Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association, by grant, purchase, gift, bequest, or devise shall be its corporate property.

SECTION 2. DISSOLUTION. Should it become necessary to dissolve this Association, any and all of its property and revenue shall be distributed to such tax-exempt non-profit organization as the majority of the membership may direct. In no event shall the holdings of this Association be distributed to the personal benefit of any member or a private party.




SECTION 1. ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with these By-Laws and Robert's Rules of Order.

SECTION 2. AGENDA. All meetings shall have an agenda, and business shall be conducted in the following sequence: Call to Order, Guest Speaker (if one is present), Adoption of Minutes from the last meeting, President's Report, Vice-President's Report, Secretary's Report, Treasurer's Report, Public Relations Officer's Report, Committee Reports, Old Business, New Business, Announcements, Adjournment.

SECTION 3. DEBATES. Debates, discussions, pro and con, shall be held to a five minute maximum for either side.




The By-Laws of the Association may be amended by a one-fourth (1/4) of the Association membership vote by ballot. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Association for consideration at least one meeting prior to the amendment's being submitted to a vote. By-laws will be reviewed at least every two (2) years.

Updated April 1, 1996.

This constitution is based in part on the Constitution of the Oklahoma Hispanic Professionals Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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