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Mentor Program

The OSU Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association (HLFSA) is an organization whose mission is to support, sponsor and facilitate the educational, cultural and personal experiences of all OSU faculty, staff and students. One of the means this mission is accomplished is through a supportive Mentoring Program.


We would like to extend to you the opportunity to request a personal Mentor. The HLFSA Mentoring Program facilitates interaction between Hispanic undergraduates with Hispanic faculty, staff and graduate students. Your “Mentor” would:

  • Serve as a source of information about the various services and features of OSU and Stillwater.
  • Aide you in finding various academic resources and programs on campus;
  • Serve as role model and source of motivation; and
  • Offer support, advice and be someone to talk to when the going get tough.

In addition, HLFSA will be hosting and sponsoring cultural and social events throughout the year to help all Hispanic faculty, staff and students in getting acquainted with each other. If you are interested in participating in this program, please email HFLSA at


The members of the OSU Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association are looking forward to assisting you in any way we can.



HLFSA Mentor Program

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